Now more than ever, investors are facing financial uncertainty and looking for trusted financial advice. This is where you–and your expertise–come in.

This is a critical time for you to connect through financial planning with new and existing clients. Leverage digital marketing channels to promote your financial planning services and show how you help people feel more confident in their finances.

Keep in mind, 64% of consumers want personalized advice1, so it is important to deliver an experience that addresses their individual concerns. This will highlight the true value that you–and your financial planning services–provide to help more people talk about money. Boost your marketing efforts with Bamboo, eMoney’s marketing solution.


Know your target audience

Truly understanding your current client base will help you define your target audience and create a marketing campaign that speaks to their needs, wants, and preferences.

Strengthen your story

Identify the Why, Who, What, and How to tell a consistent story. You will reach more planning clients when your firm’s story captures attention and stands out in a competitive market.

Create a marketing plan

Identify what you will do, when you will do it, and how you will measure success. You will reach more planning clients by aligning your marketing activities with your firm’s short-term and long-term business objectives.

Build your digital presence

Personalize your content to reflect your style and voice with social media posts, email blasts, and ads. Educational content will both improve your firm’s SEO and support the lifecycle journey for clients and prospects by nurturing these relationships.

Drive engagement

Give your target audience a reason to visit your website. Engaging content generates meaningful interactions and builds trust with your target audience.

Review results and revise strategies

Plan to review your results and update your marketing plan at least every quarter. Evaluate what worked well and what you should change going forward.

Consider how digital and social media will play an integrated role in your marketing strategy

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say a financial advisor's website is important to them, while one-third said its extremely important.2


of American investors feel personalized content is very important when working with a financial advisor.2


of advisors who use social media believe it is effective in generating leads from millennial investors.2


said insightful and educational content, as well as personalization, would make an advisor's marketing stand out against competitors.2

Let Your peers
guide you

Lou Melone Managing Partner of Budd, Melone & Co

“It’s a trust business. It’s a referral business,” he confirms.
“Over the years I have seen many different avenues to market.
But the reality comes down to creating the time to build trust and deliver plans that
reinforce it.”

Lou Melone
Managing Partner of Budd, Melone & Co.


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