Going Beyond Dollars and Cents
with Holistic Planning

Planning is powerful. More people need more plans now more than ever. To deliver more plans we need to meet clients where they are so they know where to go for financial advice. We surveyed end investors to understand their process of finding an advisor.
Think you know your prospective clients? Test your knowledge below.

Defining Holistic Planning


/hōˈlistik/ - adjective

characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.

fi·nan·cial plan·ning

/fəˈnan(t)shəl ˈplaning/ - adjective

the process of making plans for something related to finance.

Holistic Wealth. Holistic Medicine. Holistic Education. Holistic Wellness. A holistic approach means thinking about the big picture. Each change you make to one part affects the whole.

Holistic Planning is looking at your client’s life. Not just their financial life. It’s demonstrating an understanding of a client’s finances, desired goals and aspirations, and assumptions to ultimately convey an analysis of future outcomes on one or more financial topics and may include possible recommendations.

Becoming the Planner of the Future

The role of the financial professional is changing. Part of that movement is taking more of a holistic approach. Clients are increasingly looking to their financial advisors for advice and to establish deeper connections. This means acting more as their life coach, providing a planning strategy that maps closely with a client’s personal values and their preferred platforms and technologies for receiving this advice.

Meet your clients where they are now and where they are headed. When you’re determined to better understand your clients, you can help them reach success at each specific stage of their financial journey.


of investors surveyed said they want values based financial planning1.

More than85%

of advisors believe the importance of financial planning has and will continue to increase over time2.


of surveyed advisors stated that there will be an increased focus on holistic financial planning within their practices moving forward3.

With Holistic Planning You Can Have

Deeper Connections to Clients

By taking a top-down approach, focusing on a client’s goals, advisors can strengthen their relationships and create value among existing and prospective clients.

Engagement with the Next Generation

When asked to name top priorities for choosing to work with an advisor, Gen X investors stated that years of experience (43%), and personalized advice for a holistic financial picture (37%) were leading reasons.4

A Path to Work in your Client's Best Interest

The CFP Board emphasizes a holistic approach based on their objective to make certain advisors get a full view of the client’s goals so that clients aren’t receiving advice that isn’t in their best interest.

Fulfillment in your Profession

Some advisors may find operating in holistic planning is more professionally fulfilling as they become a trusted partner in helping clients achieve their life goals. They can provide meaningful advice across various life moments and opportunities.

Increased Productivity

According to a recent Fidelity study, over the last year, when compared to other advisors, advisors practicing Holistic Wealth Planning reported 47% higher growth in AUM and 67% higher growth in number of clients.2

More Opportunities

According to a recent Fidelity study, advisors who practice Holistic Wealth Planning grew their clients/HHs by 13% on average, compared to 8% among others, in the past year.2

Creating an Exceptional Client Experience

The importance of leading with planning and delivering an experience clients expect from their advisor has taken a new direction with today’s changing environment. By anticipating client needs and preemptively exceeding them, you can deliver value in new ways—pushing boundaries and rethinking possibilities.

The creation of a holistic financial plan and providing the confidence and control for clients to achieve their financial goals and milestones is the experience that will help clients live the life they want.

Let Your Peers Guide You

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“I think when clients come to someone for advice about their future retirement investments, they kind of expect you're building a full picture behind the scenes."

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> 50%

of investors said they'd give their advisor more business if they focus on total wellness (e.g. this is looking at mental/physical/relational/spiritual health together)5


investors say an advisor can build trust with them by “customizing their approach to my needs”6


of investors would be willing to pay more for an advisor who provides a clearly defined roadmap of how they can financially achieve all of their lifetime goals7

What do your clients have to say?

The holistic planner is adept in the conversation around both the financial and emotional well-being of their clients. They are more comfortable discussing life events with their clients2. These areas can build trust, create value, earn loyalty, and open up opportunities you may not have discovered through traditional financial planning.

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You’re on the right track to offering holistic, comprehensive financial planning! If you made it this far and still having doubts, check out this 5-day email course developed by CFP® professionals on how to tackle the most common hurdles to offering holistic planning.

Technology Enables Comprehensive Conversations with Clients

Being ingrained in all areas of a client’s complete financial life and having the right conversations can move them toward achieving their personal and professional goals. A well-integrated technology platform can position you to deliver financial advice and provide a truly holistic service across your client’s entire life.

When advisors possess the right tool for every situation, financial planning can more easily take its rightful place at the center of the advisor-client relationship.

Here’s where your clients are starting to build assets, creating a foundation for a strong financial future. Some financial and life events may include paying off debt, early investing, getting married, saving for travel, and starting a retirement account or an emergency fund.

Goals-based Planning

eMoney’s modular, goals-based planning solution, Foundational Planning, provides a highly engaging experience that encourages collaboration between advisors and clients and expands advisors’ reach across a wider breadth of clients.

As financial wealth begins to steadily grow, financial demands come into play for your clients. Some financial and life events include getting married, starting a family, getting a promotion at work, building an investment portfolio, protecting your family through life insurance, and saving for children’s education.

Client Portal

Client Experience

eMoney’s client portal and account aggregation bring your client conversations to life with interactive and collaborative experiences that promote engagement and identify opportunities.

The finish line is in sight and the focus shifts on maximizing income, distribution of income to fund goals that were set, and making sure your clients feel comfortable about where they stand. Some financial and life events include children becoming independent and moving out, realizing tax consequences of investments, paying off a mortgage, and enjoying retirement!

Decision Center

Cash Flow Planning

Provide clients with an in-depth and personalized look at their financial picture with custom financial blueprints, created using dozens of advanced-planning techniques and what-if scenarios through eMoney’s cash flow planning solution.

The previous three stages focused on wealth accumulation. Now that your clients are retired, it’s all about wealth preservation. Some financial and life events include legacy considerations, managing medical costs, volunteering, philanthropic ventures, and hanging out with grandchildren.

Estate Planning

Show clients the risks, vulnerabilities, and benefits of various estate-planning scenarios, and work together to create strategies to better protect their legacy.