Financial planning is powerful

Humans are emotional beings by nature. We’re not programmed to run statistical scenarios to show a probability of success within seconds. Decisions are made at an emotional level, especially during times of disruption like a market downturn or the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Clients with a financial plan feel a sense of security and peace of mind. As their financial advisor, incorporating the behavioral aspect of financial planning can lead to stronger client relationships.

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Create Moments That Matter

"We had a client who suffered an unexpected loss in the family. Since the client did not manage the finances in the household we walked through the data and numbers. Seeing some of the weight being lifted as we adjusted the client’s plan and walked through aspects like how to transfer a 401K or execute a will was a moment we know we helped the client in a meaningful way."

"The last year was tough for a few of our clients. One that came to mind lost their job after 20 years with the company and wasn’t sure what was next or how secure they were. During any other time we would’ve met face-to-face but we met virtually, made adjustments to their current plan and walked through each to see what felt comfortable. Hearing that audible sigh of relief tells me it gave the client some peace of mind at that moment."

"Changing a potential client’s perspective is always a highlight that sticks out to me. When you see the skepticism turn to trust when they’re welcomed into the discussion of adjusting goals or scenarios while in Decision Center for the first time…that’s when you know a new relationship is ready to be formed."

"In an annual review meeting with a client, after demonstrating eMoney, the client enthused about the Client Portal—he’d just retired, and the aggregated view of his accounts helped him manage his budget. Based on his planning experience with eMoney, the client committed an additional $2 million to manage."

"From our point of view, seeing the client add various held away assets while they’re adding accounts in their client portal is a lightbulb moment for our business. Not just because it’s more opportunity for the business but it opens the door to connect with the client on a deeper level and see if we can help them in every imaginable way."

THE (R)evolution of finance advice

Evolution, revolution, or disruption. However you describe the financial professional’s changing role amidst the pressures of a chaotic economy and evolving expectations of new generations of clients, one thing is certain: The way they work with clients has changed forever. Those who meet this challenge and evolve will go to market with a true differentiator from the financial professionals who don’t.

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of financial advisors time is spent dealing with non-financial issues.


of the total value of an advisory relationship perceived by investors is derived from emotional elements.


of surveyed advisors stated that there will be an increased focus on holistic financial planning within their practices moving forward.3

Lead with Financial Planning to:

Build and Deliver More Plans for More People

According to a recent Fidelity study, advisors who practice Holistic Wealth Planning deliver over 2x more plans/year.2

Point to Long-Term Success

90% of advisors surveyed felt that financial planning was critical to their long-term success.2

Engage the Next Generation

When asked to name top priorities for choosing to work with an advisor, Gen X investors stated that years of experience (43%), and personalized advice for a holistic financial picture (37%) were leading reasons.4

Promote Client Collaboration

95% of advisors felt financial planning enables deeper client relationships and promotes collaboration with clients.2

Work in your Client's Best Interest

The CFP Board emphasizes a holistic approach based on their objective to make certain advisors get a full view of the client's goals so that clients aren't receiving advice that isn't in their best interest.

Create More Opportunities

According to a recent Fidelity study, advisors who practice Holistic Wealth Planning grew their clients/HHs by 13% on average, compared to 8% among others, in the past year.2

Let Your Peers Guide You


“For clients where I’ve done life planning and a financial plan, I always use eMoney to do that, I have a 100 percent client retention so far.”

Abbey Henderson
CEO and founder of Abaris

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